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Preparation of silicon dioxide matting agent, there are two processes precipitation and gas-phase. Fumed products despite excellent transparency, but due to the production of silicon tetrachloride is used in high temperature conditions and needs, high production costs, the market price is usually 2 to 3 times the precipitation products; precipitated silicon dioxide raw materials processes and lower production costs, universally recognized by the market.

Precipitated silicon dioxide production process, the use of an inorganic mineral acid and an alkali metal silicate solution as a starting material, usually sodium silicate and sulfuric acid, lower cost. In such a process, there is production of macroporous gel silicone products and general precipitated silica produced product, even though the same product produced by precipitation, due to the different aspects of the production process control, finished product in the pore structure is also very different, application in coating effects are not the same, usually selected large pore silica products made of processes for higher performance requirements gloss coatings in obtaining Meanwhile matte effect of transparency on the coating is small.

By wax treatment of silicon dioxide matting agent, the product surface modification coating get a good feel, in UV coatings, and can help form a surface roughness of the matting agent in the absence of solvent evaporation system. Such products are usually made of small particle size particles in thin coating. Conventional solvent-based and water-based systems, like silicon dioxide matting agent particle size distribution of the different products in different coating thicknesses are in use.



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