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Conventional inorganic filler mainly contains glass fiber (the GF), silicon dioxide, graphite, carbon fibers and ceramic particles.

Silicon dioxide can also be used as matting agent. Inorganic matting agent:

(1)Silicon dioxide, fumed silica, precipitated silica

(2)No surface treatment and surface treatment, Hydropathy

(3)It has a larger surface area with a special crystal structure

(4)Microstructure is amorphous or glassy, compared with natural silica, silica of high purity silica, inert, resistance to ultraviolet light, a refractive index of 1.46

Fumed silicon dioxide:

Fumed Silica: 1941 DEGUSSA first developed, chemical vapor deposition, is collected after the silicon tetrachloride vapor in a hydrogen atmosphere at a high temperature hydrolysis of airgel, is aggregated by aggregation into larger particles, which reaction is as follows:

SiCl4 + 2H2 + O2 -------> SiO2 + 4HCl 1800 ℃

Precipitated silicon dioxide:

(1)With an acid (usually sulfuric acid) solution of sodium silicate (water glass) was neutralized, filtered to remove by-products, the remaining silica dried, loose, flocculent structure; this method the largest surface area of up to 500m2 / g

(2)Microscopic particles by a precipitation stage performance structural applications (ingredients, ratio, time, temperature and concentration) formed decision.

Silicon dioxide gel:

Feedstock process route and precipitation close, except that the acid-base reaction after the sol - gel process, but more similar product features and fumed.



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