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Merck recently announced that they have developed such a pigment Cndurin NXTRuby Red, a little embarrassed, although the stability of this pigment is indeed high, but it is difficult to determine in the end is not a natural pigment, because it contains silicon dioxide and iron oxide. Although the company claims products using silicon dioxide and iron minerals, free of other artificial additives, such as E129 and E120, and comply Vegetarian primary meaning of Judaism Kosher standards, but this can be considered a natural dye?

Glass fiber (GF) has a high specific modulus and strength, as the PTFE filler may function to transfer loads and load-bearing, the bearing capacity and wear resistance of the composites increased, thereby reducing the amount of wear material. Yuda Jiang and other studies of short glass fiber (SGF) and wear properties of PTFE composites filled. The results show that with the increase of SGF content, the amount of wear of PTFE composites decreased; when the SGF content exceeds 30%, the wear amount of the composite material increases; friction coefficient of PTFE composites SGF content varies little. SGF staggered distribution in PTFE dispersion having a load transfer and dispersion effects, SGF and its surrounding PTFE matrix interaction form a whole, the composite material is difficult to peel off, to improve the wear resistance of the composites.

Domestic silicon dioxide matting agent product in UV curable coatings matting effect is comparable to imported products, but needs to be improved in terms of transparency, feel, etc., foam problems are also more research priorities coating dispersion process. Light-cured coating application prospects, product demand matting agent accompanied matt coating used is also increasing in product development and applications, still require manufacturers and product companies to increase research efforts.



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