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The researchers first use water to coat the nanoparticles, but the water film is not enough solid; and then using common vehicle coolant glycol, thermal efficiency increased by 20-fold, to nearly 1W / mK, higher glycol or nanoparticles alone have the cooling capacity, the heat can be compared with the conventional expensive cooling capacity intended polymer composite. However glycol will evaporate, the researchers thus capable of being absorbed by the silicon dioxide nanoparticles of polymer materials to achieve acceptable life cycle and more robust coating.

What is silicon dioxide made up of?

Silicon Dioxide is found commonly in sand and quart. It is a chemical that is strictly an oxide of silicon with the compound formula of SiO2. It is formed when silicon is exposed to air.

Sand (silica) – one of the most common minerals in the earth.

Main component in common glass

?mixed with sodium carbonate and calcium oxide (lime) to make soda-lime glass for window panes, bottles, drinking glasses, etc.

Main component in optical fibers

Crystalline silicon dioxide(SiO2) is quartz

?fancy drink ware and artwork

?crystal oscillators using the piezoelectricity) 

?Laboratory equipment

Food additive (?!)


?thin electrical insulator (MOSFET gate)

?diffusion barrier



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