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Fumed silicon dioxide is an extremely important new high-tech ultra-fine inorganic materials, because of its small particle size, large specific surface area, and strong surface adsorption, surface energy, high chemical purity, dispersion good performance, thermal resistance, resistance, etc. have specific performance, with its superior stability, reinforcement, thickening and thixotropic, in many disciplines and areas of unique characteristics, has an irreplaceable role. Nano-silica, commonly known as "ultra-fine silica", is widely used in various industries as additives, catalyst support, petrochemical, bleaching agents, matting agents, rubber reinforcing agent, filling plastic agent, ink thickener, soft metal polishing agent, filler insulation insulation, senior cosmetics packing in various fields and coating materials, medicine, environmental protection and so on. And provides a basis for new materials and technology to ensure the development of related industries.

Fumed Silicon Dioxide Applications:

1. Electronic Packaging Materials

Packaging material greatly shortened curing time and curing temperature to room temperature can be reduced, so the device significantly improved sealing performance, increase the life of the device.

2. Resin composite material

Improve the strength and elongation, improve the wear resistance and improved surface smoothness, improve anti-aging properties.

3. Silicone Rubber

Improve strength, abrasion resistance and aging resistance and other properties of the product

4. Paint

Improve the coating suspension stability, thixotropic, weatherability, abrasion resistance

5. plastic

Increase product transparency, strength, toughness, improve water resistance and anti-aging properties, and reduce costs.

6. Dye material

A substantial increase in pigment (dye) material anti-aging properties, and the brightness, hue and saturation and other indicators were also improved to some extent

7. ceramics

Improve the strength of ceramic materials, toughness, hardness and elastic modulus

8. Sealants, adhesives

Inhibiting the flow of colloids, accelerate the curing speed, improve bonding effect, increase product sealing and barrier properties

9. FRP products

Improve hardness and wear resistance, enhanced tensile strength and impact strength, heat resistance increase

10. Drug carrier

Using fumed silicon dioxide as the carrier adsorbed pesticides, it will play a very good release effect.



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