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The main component of glass: quartz (silicon dioxide is a peculiar substance, the main component is quartz sand, quartz sand of its manufacturing process in conjunction with other chemicals at high temperature (1300℃) cooling after firing from the crystal, having hard , abrasion resistance, high transmittance and corrosion characteristics, its wide range of uses has a long history. At present, the rapid manufacturing technology of glass, increasing its use, by watch, utensils, doors that we daily contact with, windows, lighting and high-tech electronic components and space technology and etc., are indispensable glass. The most nurturing "flat glass" thick for doors and windows, thin watches and medical tests for the purpose, its manufacturing method is the glass melting furnace with horizontal or dissolved pulp traction method (also known as the float) and is made with a vertical traction method. Dissolved pulp melting pot by pulling out at the same time as the rear also have a cooling system, cooling after the completion of a "flat glass", it is mainly determined by the thickness of flat glass speed when towing, traction faster, the thickness can be manufactured thinner. While ordinary flat glass from the front seemingly bright transparent, but at the side near the edge of the watch is slightly blue, because glass shades depending the main raw material for the manufacture of glass - the purity and the amount of the iron content of the quartz watch industry is usually the choice of relatively high-quality thin glass, but the value is more expensive.

Raw material components of glass:

Oxide/aluminum oxide/magnesium oxide 5%

Quicklime 10%

Sodium carbonate 14%

Silicon dioxide 70-72%

Quartz stone, quartz sand and river sand contain rich silicon dioxide, so they are the main raw material for the production of glass.

Crystal ingredients of 60% silicon dioxide,crystal's color is caused by to silica, and a variety of trace metals. In the natural environment inside, most will be crystal mineral calcite, pyrite, pyroxene iron ore, mica colors, Monique, granite, rutile "symbiotic", and formed a number of plausible suspect magic scene, That so-called "iso-like crystal," increases the value and fun collection of crystal.

Most crystal is grown in the end, the growth process requires a lot of saturated groundwater source of silicon dioxide, at a temperature between 550-600 ℃, and the need is greater than atmospheric pressure two to three times the pressure, after a long period of time , it will become hexagonal column (hexagonal system) crystal.



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