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Glass is made of silicon dioxide and other chemicals, the main raw materials are: soda ash, limestone, quartz). Forming a continuous network structure in the melt, the viscosity increases during cooling and hardening of the crystalline silicate cause its non-metallic materials. Chemical composition of ordinary glass is Na2SiO3, CaSiO3, SiO2 or Na2O · CaO · 6SiO2, the main ingredient is silicate double salt, is an amorphous solid non-regular structure.

Although the glasses look good, but not keep, it must carefully placed. In fact, in all material cup, glass is most healthy. Because glass does not contain organic chemicals, when people drink water or other drinks with a glass they don't need to worry about harmful chemicals wuld be drinking into the stomach, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, so people with a glass drink water is the most healthy and the most secure. Silicon dioxide is one of the raw materials of glass.

The main component of glass is usually divided into non-oxide glasses and oxide glass. Non-oxide glass has a small number of varieties, mainly chalcogenide glass and halide glass. Anion chalcogenide glass mostly sulfur, selenium, tellurium, etc., can cut short wavelength light through the yellow, red, and near, the far-infrared light, the resistance is low, with switching and memory characteristics. Halides low refractive index glass, low dispersion, and more used as an optical glass.

It is divided into a silicate glass oxide glass, borate glass, phosphate glass. Silicate glass refers to the basic components of SiO2 glass, its variety, wide use. 

Usually in glass and different SiO2 content of alkali metal, alkaline earth metal oxide, it is divided into:

① quartz glass. Silicon dioxide content of greater than 99.5%, a low coefficient of thermal expansion, high temperature, chemical stability, through ultraviolet and infrared light, a high melting temperature, viscosity, molding difficult. Used for semiconductors, electric light source, optical communications, laser technology and optical instruments.

② high silica glass. Vycor glass, also known as the main ingredient is SiO2 content of about 95% to 98%, containing a small amount of B2O3 and Na2O, and its nature is similar to quartz glass.

③ soda lime glass. Silicon dioxide content in the main, also containing 15% and 16% of Na2O CaO, low cost, easy molding, suitable for mass production, its production accounts for 90% of the utility of the glass. Produces glass containers, flat glass, containers, light bulbs and so on.



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