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We choose coating products which were not added add fumed silicon dioxide powder, fumed silica were dispersed by two methods, one method is based on the total amount of powder coating thousandth thousandths, four thousandths, thousands five per fumed silica added directly to the polyester epoxy powder coating products, and then mixed and dispersed uniformly (preferably sieved through a 140 mesh); another method is the amount of fumed silica added to the above proportions, with the composition of the recipe as above polyester epoxy powder coating paint film was crushed, pulverized and dispersed in production equipment, get a different fumed silicon dioxide content in the powder coating products.

After the above-described storage stability test powder coatings and powder coatings for electrostatic spraying tests indicate that the addition of dry fumed silicon dioxide, can greatly improve the storage stability of powder coatings and powder coatings looseness can be improved electrostatic powder coating performance and pipeline performance. Fumed silica as a loose powder coating agent, as a powder coating storage stability modifier widely used. As a powder coating storage stability modifier may be added at the paint flakes or crushed and sieved powder coating added, select add producing products based on the way the efficacy and equipment conditions are necessary. The amount of the polyester epoxy powder coating, according to the method of adding further consider asking powder coating glass transition temperature of the powder coating and other technical indicators or the storage stability of the decision to add the amount of the total formulation is generally 0.2 to 0.4% Comparative it is good.

In the melt extrusion mixing method of adding fumed silicon dioxide, fumed silica increases the amount of the powder coating melt flowability significantly smaller level; gel time was significantly longer in the powder coating, the powder coatings reactivity decrease.



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