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The relatively of different sizes fumed silicon dioxide powder coating melt level is small, there is no obvious big difference, but the difference between a great influence on the gel time of powder coatings, some difference between the two 200 second. This is because different businesses with different specifications fumed silica manufacturing process, the surface treatment method is different, quite different than the surface area and other technical indicators, vary widely active fumed silica, which affects the activity caused by the powder coating of. When hydrophilic fumed silica with hydrophobic fumed silica are compared, hydrophilic fumed silica is larger than the hydrophobic fumed silica on the gel time of the powder coating, the powder is easier paint the gel time becomes longer, such as gel time Degussa hydrophilic fumed silica AS200 is 563 seconds, while the R972 hydrophobic fumed silica gelling time is 384 seconds, both a difference of 179 seconds.

In addition, the impact of fumed silicon dioxide variety of powder coating film appearance and gloss is relatively small, but the impact on the film impact strength is quite large.

Because the impact of different varieties of fumed silicon dioxide difference polyester epoxy powder coating and film properties is large, so the different formulation system must choose a suitable fumed silica species should also be considered to select the appropriate dosage, in order to meet the requirements of film performance metrics. Especially after adding fumed silicon dioxide to improve the though loose and storage stability and other properties of powder coatings, powder coatings but decreased activity, impact strength and other properties may be reduced, depending on the circumstances and film properties of the formulation, must sometimes be appropriate promoting agent added measures to ensure the balance of the powder coating activity and film impact strength and other properties.



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