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Test material

We will use the classic white polyester epoxy powder coating formulations raw materials, fumed silicon dioxide selected Wuxi, Huzhou Shong company, as well as German virtues Degussa AeroSil 200 (hydrophilic, called AS200) and AeroSil R972 (hydrophobic , referred to as R972), Shanghai Di Xianggong Division HB215 (hydrophobic) and Guangzhou Tianlong company A200 six varieties.

Experiment method

We chose the classic white polyester epoxy powder coating formulations prepared via powder coating preparation laboratory, using a standard 180 mesh sieve of powder coating gel time and the level of the molten fluidity and powder coating 0.5mm cold after rolling plate electrostatic spraying, baking curing under specified conditions to prepare a test model to measure various properties of the coating.

Results and discussion

We selected five varieties of different merchants fumed silicon dioxide, in classic white polyester epoxy powder coating formulation system, the fixed composition and fumed silica than the amount of all the recipes (including the amount of fumed silica), only change the fumed silica varieties formulated powder coating of powder coatings and coating performance, effects of different fumed silicon dioxide polyester epoxy powder coating and film properties.



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