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Fumed silicon dioxide using methacryl silane surface treated, added to the polyurethane coating, it can play the role of friction. Plus 5% -15% of fumed silica, abrasion resistance can be increased by 10% -35%, while the optical properties of the coating and rheological properties of the dry film are not adversely affected.

Other effects

Fumed silicon dioxide can also improve the coating's weather resistance, scratch resistance, improve the bonding strength between the coating and the substrate, while the fumed silica has a very strong UV absorption, infrared reflection properties, in the filling coatings can improve the anti-aging properties of the coating.

Fumed silicon dioxide, the formula is SiO2, is a porous, high temperature, non-toxic and tasteless white fluffy powder. Since small particle size fumed silica (particle diameter 7 ~ 40nm), and therefore a large surface area (100 ~ 400m2 / g), surface energy, surface adsorption and strong; and it has a high purity (content of silica is not less than 99.8%), chemical stability, reinforcement, wear loose, thickening, thixotropic and special features in the field of rubber, plastics, paints, pharmaceuticals and other widely used. Because of these characteristics fumed silica, in general, coatings and powder coatings are also commonly used additives. In powder coatings using mainly fumed silica than the characteristics of large surface area and an oil amount, etc., in powder coatings most commonly used as loose agent (bulking agent), in the manufacture of powder coatings, paint dry in the process of crushing the tablets dispersion powder coating products; also when applied to the preparation of the powder coating raw materials, melt extrusion method of mixing the powder coating dispersion to go. In addition, the use of fumed silicon dioxide powder coatings to reduce the level of fluidity of the melt as a film corner covering power modifier added to the powder used in the coating.

Effect of different fumed silicon dioxide powder coating resin and film properties is a significant difference, in this paper focuses fumed silicon dioxide polyester epoxy powder coatings and coating properties of test and application conditions.



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