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Fumed silicon dioxide is an ideal anti-settling agent for preventing precipitation of the pigment coating system, it is very effective, especially for paste system, add the appropriate amount will greatly improve the stability of the paste, and can reduce wetting the amount of the dispersant to improve the applicability of paste, paste and reduce the impact on the coating system, the role of anti-settling of fumed silicon dioxide coatings deposited very advantageous, particularly certain pigments, such as metal powders and flakes, are easily precipitate and can not be completely suspended, the use of fumed silica dispersion can not guarantee its precipitation. in the total amount of the formulation, the amount of silica in the range of 0.4% to 0.8%, but under special circumstances, such as the zinc-rich paint, required to 2%.

In the powder coating system, due to the small particle size and high surface fumed silicon dioxide, they can be adsorbed on the surface of the coating powder, and the powder surface to form a surface layer, to improve the dispersion of the powder obtained, it can be as a dispersion agents use the same paint system, by adding fumed silicon dioxide dispersion can significantly shorten the time and improve production efficiency. It is noteworthy that single, first fumed silica dispersion completely better, the amount added should not be too general and can not more than 1%, because too much can cause the system to add the amount of thixotropic strong, leading edge dispersing shear force. At the same time with other rheological additives used in conjunction with the host, and the use of alcohol-based solvent to adjust the rheological properties of fumed silica.

The refractive index of fumed silicon dioxide is 1.46, and the refractive index of the film-forming resin is approaching, there is no impact on the paint color film forming process to migrate to the film surface, the surface can produce the desired roughness, significantly reduced surface gloss, it is a kind of good matting agent, fumed silicon dioxide is to pay attention to match the film thickness.



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