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The use of fumed silicon dioxide can be divided into silicone materials and  other areas, which accounts for the total amount of fumed silica in silicone materials in nearly 60%, silicone rubber is the most fumed silica material used in silicone materials , added in an amount of up to 50%. Fumed silica HVT mainly from silicone rubber reinforcing effect, since the silicone rubber molecular chains is very soft, weak inter-chain interactions, therefore without reinforced silicone rubber intensity is very low (no more than 0.4MPa), no use value, and after fumed silica reinforced silicone rubber, its strength increased up to 40 times.

Fumed silicon dioxide impact on the mechanical properties HTV silicone rubber.

Fumed silicon dioxide reinforced by their particle size, comparative area and structural impact of HTV silicone rubber is generally smaller the particle size, the higher the surface area, the higher the structural, reinforcing the better, of vulcanized rubber strength, the higher the hardness. Moreover, the impact of the amount of fumed silica and dispersing it good or bad in the matrix of vulcanized rubber performance is very large, FIG. 1 is a fumed silica affect the amount of vulcanized rubber tensile strength Fig. As can be seen from the figure, with the increase of the amount of fumed silicon dioxide, an increase in the strength of vulcanized rubber, the amount is generally peaks at 35-50 parts. About fumed silica silicon rubber reinforcing mechanism and model is also very much more accepted explanation is that the free hydroxyl groups with the silicone rubber surface of the fumed silica formed a physical or chemical combination of silicon dioxide formed on the surface of silicone rubber molecules adsorbed layer constituting the fumed silica and silicone rubber molecules into one three-dimensional network structure, thereby effectively limiting the silicone rubber molecular chain with its deformation to the reinforcing effect. Similar changes in tensile strength and tear strength of vulcanizates are fumed silicon dioxide with improved reinforcing properties and increased with increasing amount of fumed silicon dioxide is first increased, then decreased slightly.



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