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Fumed silicon dioxide surface-modified dry and wet as well as three autoclave method. The dried fumed silica and organosilane vapors in contact with a fixed or fluidized bed reactor and the reaction in order to reduce the number of surface silanols, this method is dry. Characteristics of dry process is directly connected to the device can be modified pyrogenic silica production plant before and after deacidification process, the process is simple, less post-treatment process, but also other ways to avoid the use of benzene, toluene and other organic solvents caused environmental pollution easy to scale production.

Modified fumed silicon dioxide applications

Modified fumed silica is typically used in high-temperature silicone rubber, silica particles and polymer can improve the affinity, eliminate the fundamental structural phenomenon, play silicone rubber reinforcement, the tensile strength of the silicone rubber may be 0.3MPa reinforcing ago increased to about 14MPa. Modified fumed silica of high-temperature silicone rubber reinforcing effect and fumed silica particle size, particle size distribution, content of impurities, low pH values, and surface treating agents are selected relationship.

In addition, the modified fumed silicon dioxide is also often used in coatings, plastics, pharmaceuticals, sealants, paints, inks, cosmetics, able to play a thickening system, control rheology and anti-caking effect. The modified fumed silica added to the powder coatings, can be significantly improved powder flowability, dispersibility, and prevent caking. Adding modified fumed silicon dioxide in the sealant, it is possible to play a very good sealant reinforcement to improve weathering performance sealant.



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