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Silicon dioxide aerogels is the lightest solid material, it is the best performance of thermal insulation material.

High-performance needs in the aerospace field is the promotion the silicon dioxide airgel materials technology development an important driving force. In addition to collecting cosmic dust milestone applications, at home and abroad a variety of spacecraft thermal control system, often with other materials, airgel composite multilayer insulation components, we have many examples of successful application. Such as the United States, "Pathfinder" Mars (1996), "Spirit" (2003) and "Opportunity" (2003) Mars parade car, and the new EVA unit TDA life support system was designed to test the Martian environment when we use the SiO2 aerogels.

Ohio State University researchers are using environmentally friendly technology: it uses silicon dioxide - one kind of water normally present in small amounts in many foods and natural substances.

This also contributes to recovery of the new coating, making it easier to clean the bottles, suitable for biomedical device, a catheter or other plastic article needs to be kept clean. The researchers also succeeded in applying the technology to different types of plastics, such as polycarbonate that corrective lenses, optical media, roofs, and many mobile phone shell material for the other product.



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