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Amethyst: it's contain iron and is a pale to dark purple quartz(silicon dioxide) crystal. Amethyst to deep purple to purple, crystal perfection, larger weight is the best. Elegant colors to make amethyst crystal family became the most valuable and popular gem varieties, long ago, it was as a treasure for the February birthday jewel, a symbol of honesty, sincerity and kindness.

Citrine: contain iron and is a pale yellow, deep yellow in a single crystal quartz(silicon dioxide). Citrine quality output less in nature, most popular on the market by the heat treatment from the poor quality amethyst. Pretty but the price was more expensive gem, very popular with people of all ages, can be used as a substitute for Topaz for November birthday gemstone, symbol of wisdom, friendship and loyalty.

Smoky quartz: is a light to dark brown, brown single crystal quartz. When called citrine color light can be ground into a vertical C axis crystal glasses; when dark color to black, then called mourning gem.

Star quartz: When the crystal (such as pink, gray or cream-colored quartz) contains two or more sets of aligned fibrous or needle-like inclusions, wondering into the arc-shaped gem, displays weak the radiance or six shooting star effect. When the rose crystal containing three groups aligned rutile needle inclusions, ground into cabochon gems, were six shooting stars effect in transmitted light observation is obvious.

To sum up, nature has produced a variety of silicon dioxide stones. However, the jewelry market, there are many hydrothermal synthesis of crystal, such as synthetic colorless crystal, synthetic amethyst, synthetic citrine, rose quartz synthesis, synthetic green crystal, synthetic and synthetic cat's eye color crystal crystal (actually containing seed wafer color crystal) and the like; Another is called "amethyst", "Topaz," "green crystal", "aquamarine" and "smoky quartz" glass. Crystal family of gemstones, the price is not high, can be on the looks, all of them are graceful, likable, which amethyst, citrine, blond and QUARTZ most popular.



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