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Citrine's hardness is seven, citrine gem is extremely rare, with orange color for the top grade. However, it's main composition is silicon dioxide.

 Associated Minerals Ingredients: goethite, hematite, rutile, magnetite, garnet, chlorite inclusions; the crystal containing visible in the hair-like needle-like mineral inclusions formed. Manganese and iron were called amethyst; iron (golden yellow or lemon) called citrine; manganese and titanium with rose quartz Rose who said that the crystal powder; smoked called smoky quartz; called citrine brown; black transparent called smoky quartz.

Evaluation criteria and high-end crystal gemstones vary. Most high-end gem colors on the first evaluation, while the crystal, the color and clarity (called crystal industry crystal) are almost equally important factor.

1, Color: for any gemstone, the color is very important, the crystal is no exception. The main chemical composition of rock crystals is silicon dioxide. If there are crystals of color, such as pink quartz, citrine, amethyst, etc., to the highest standards of its color evaluation it is vivid colors and moving, gray, black, brown and other shades without. Such as pink crystal, the color pink is better; amethyst, the desired color is purple microstrip flame light color, transparent lint-free; topaz, the desired color without green lemon color, gold orange better. For the crystal, the crystal color is also very important. The same blond hair, completely colorless crystals (white crystal) and crystal was a bit brown, the naked eye visual perception difference is there, so will the price of the former than the latter.

2. Clarity: Clarity and high-grade crystal gemstone requirements are very different. Grade gems scarce rare, it is generally widespread on the clarity grade gems are not too demanding. The crystal yield really staggering, so generally people will ask the higher the crystal clarity as possible, try to avoid obvious crystal inclusions.

3, impurities: impurities inside the crystal if the legendary character modeling, such as Buddha, constellations, the zodiac and other value may be higher than the same color and crystal clarity. 

Narrow silicon dioxide gem is specifically refers to the single-crystal quartz gemstone.



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