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Silicon dioxide is a giant in the jewelry industry and mineral industry, a lot of gem formed can't without it, moreover, in our daily lives, everywhere inseparable from the production of silicon dioxide. The chemical formula of SiO2 silica, crystalline silica in nature and there are two forms of amorphous silica, crystalline silica-based minerals.

Silicon dioxide-based Gem species composition or main ingredient  is SiO2, including a single crystal precious stones Crystal (White crystal, citrine, amethyst, etc.), polycrystalline aggregates like jade (quartzite, agate, etc.), as well as amorphous class jade (Opal, natural glass, etc.).

Crystal is intact crystalline transparent quartz crystal, the English name is Rock Crystal, reportedly Greeks called "Krystllos", means "white water" means. It symbolizes purity, pure, good moral. Many varieties can be divided according to the color white as crystal, amethyst, topaz, smoky quartz, etc; according to contain inclusions can be divided into crystal, crystal and other ghost.

It is well known that white crystal is the king of crystal, because it's transparent and pure,and loved by the public. Silicon dioxide is the main composition of the jewelry.



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