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In this paper, to explore different electrolytes (NaCL and MgCL2) and its impact on the monodisperse colloidal silicon dioxide particle size and size distribution at different concentrations, found some special experimental phenomena. The Essence of "double-size and Multi-size" phenomenon is not only conducive to in-depth understanding of the mechanism of the preparation of monodisperse particles, and can build special colloidal crystals as possible in the same reaction system.

By the colloidal crystal composed of submicron particles, its energy gap is located in the visible or infrared region, which is currently the only effective photonic crystal in the region. Recently polystyrene colloidal crystals to be observed with the existing theoretical calculations different results. This draws attention to the colloidal photonic bandgap crystals research. This paper reports the determination of silicon dioxide colloidal crystals of composition, structure, and its parameters, measurements and calculations of photonic bandgap.

Through a lot of experiments to study the effects of reaction conditions on the double size colloidal silicon dioxide particles, and according to the results of TEM observation, combined with theory, rationally explains why colloidal silica particle size distribution of the resulting double-proposed the formation mechanism of double the size distribution of colloidal silica particles is diffusion controlled surface reaction after the first growth control growth, and proposed nucleation and growth model double size distribution of colloidal silica particles.



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