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Two different nano-silicon dioxide colloid (Code A, C) and gas SiO2 (code FS) as a pigment formulated into coatings produce color inkjet printing paper, print quality and paper characteristics of the three studies. The results showed that the whiteness and smoothness of the three pigments is almost the same, can be approximated that equal ink absorbency of law is the best vapor SiO2. After using a Canon printer to print two colloidal SiO2 Inkjet ink dot roundness and Gas SiO2 quite Inkjet ink dot area slightly larger than the FS samples.

In 1987, the first time a double-size monodisperse colloidal silicon dioxide microspheres, but failed to explain this phenomenon. We investigate the concentration of NaCl to influence when monodisperse colloidal silica microsphere size and size distribution under different preparation conditions found this interesting phenomenon. "Double size" phenomenon of nature to explore in favor of in-depth understanding of the mechanism of preparing monodisperse particles, and will build a special colloidal crystals as possible in the same reaction system.

The traditional method for producing silicate materials are generally at higher temperatures, with the development of science and technology, new materials and preparation methods have become increasingly demanding. In this study, the use of organic amines in place of ammonia as a catalyst, to explore the role of organic amine during the reaction and the pH changes during the reaction, and at the same time as the catalyst ammonia comparison, trying to control the base-catalyzed morphology and ammonia to separate the two categories studied.

Effect of different catalysts on the colloidal silicon dioxide particles formed.



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