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Prepared by reaction of silane modified colloidal silicon dioxide, plus the use of the colloidal SiO2 reinforced silicone rubber, were characterized by their mechanical properties, optical properties and thermal stability. The results show that the addition amount of the modified colloidal silicon dioxide has a significant effect on the properties of silicone rubber, when added in an amount of 70 parts, plus silicone rubber prepared not only has high tensile strength, high tear resistance, high adhesion properties, also has a low viscosity, high permeability characteristics of good light and heat stability, has good overall performance.

Japan Fuso Chemical Company has successfully developed an ultra-high purity water-soluble colloidal silicon dioxide, SiO2 content was three times higher than the existing product. So far, the highest content of water-soluble colloidal silica is 12%. The company by optimizing the sol - gel synthesis process. SiO2 content of the product up to 40%. The company's ultra-pure synthesized colloidal silica occupies 80% share of the world market for wafer polishing agent.

Silicon dioxide sol has been widely used in textiles, paper industry, rubber, ceramics, refractories, industrial coatings, cosmetics, electronic industry, beer industry and other fields in nanoscale sol dispersed in the polymer solution, the inorganic form - liquid organic compound not only has its own excellent performance, but also to overcome the shortcomings of the performance, achieve excellent overall performance requirements. sol dispersed in the polymer solution is a complex process, silica dispersion behavior research help to understand the stability of the system, and that the performance and application of the composite system has an important role. colloidal silica in oil phase system has been extensively studied, but less in the aqueous phase of the research, and practical applications most of the aqueous phase system.



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