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Akzo Nobel announced that its subsidiary Pulp and Paper Chemicals business Eka Chemicals (Eka Chemicals) is located in Guangzhou's new colloidal silicon dioxide plant was officially launched, and recently held a grand celebration. Compozil dehydration Eka Chemicals new plant production / retention system will help meet the rapidly growing local market demand. Currently, there are more than one large paper machine uses this system to improve operational efficiency, mostly in southern China. 

The plant will use the latest technology and sophisticated process control system designed to meet future market demand for a new generation of colloidal silicon dioxide products.

Preparation of flavonoids phospholipid component complexes and colloidal silica be cured. Methods: colloidal silica as the carrier, the curing component flavonoids phospholipid complex. By differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), X-ray powder diffraction analysis (XPRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) method phospholipid complex and curing powder prepared was subjected to phase characterization, and investigate its in vitro dissolution and flow sex. The results of DSC and X-ray diffraction patterns indicate that flavonoids component to amorphous state in the cured powder. The results showed that in vitro dissolution, curable powder can effectively promote the dissolution of the drug. Conclusion: colloidal silicon dioxide preparation curing component flavonoids phospholipid complex simple, easy operation, to improve their liquidity, while significantly improving its dissolution.



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