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DuPont has signed Monsanto obtained colloidal silicon dioxide business, Monsanto means Ruabon trademark Syton the north of England. DuPont itself is a colloidal silicon dioxide producer, product trademarks Ludox. After the acquisition will strengthen its position in investment casting and wafer polishing aspects of manufacturing and technical services in Europe, Middle East and Africa. DuPont estimated that annual worldwide sales of about 91,000 tons of colloidal silicon dioxide, on sales of $ 60 to 80 million. The company is currently producing a colloidal silicon dioxide in East Chicago.

Review of the preparation of colloidal silicon dioxide, starch properties and when used in combination with cationic retention, filter aid mechanism and practical applications in production, and introduces the particles of silicon dioxide gel. Cationic polymer and anionic inorganic colloidal particles ten joint use of fine particles formed by the retention and drainage system is today's most notable retention and drainage technology. A typical system comprises fine particles of colloidal silicon dioxide and cationic starch composition "Compozil" system, by the swelling and the modified cationic polyacrylamide composition "Hydrocol" system and by the field of aluminum hydroxide and synthetic cation.



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