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Compared to the mesoporous silicon dioxide material, the hollow mesoporous silica shell nano material (HMSNs) having a lower apparent density, greater storage and physical properties of the sustainable release, combined with its size nm so hollow mesoporous silicon dioxide shell nanomaterials in biomedicine has been more widely used, the most important thing is the loading and transportation of drugs. Therefore, these two types of nano-materials and the preparation of more detailed basic research is very important.

Amorphous SiO2 is basically a form of glass. Also called silica or silox, semiconductor fabs use silicon dioxide as an insulator (it's the insulator in the SOI acronym silicon on insulator). SiO2 is a great electrical insulator, but a very poor thermal conductor. It has a very low coefficient of expansion, like Pyrex glass. Low expansion coefficient is actually why Pyrex doesn't shatter when you pour hot liquids into it! The low dielectric constant and low loss tangent make silicon dioxide a very low-loss material for microwaves. Silica-filled semi-rigid coax cables can withstand temperatures that would cause PTFE-filled cables to catch on fire!



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