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Silicon dioxide-induced fibrosis is thought to involve two processes: macrophage uptake silica dust and death, then, affect collagen synthesis of fibroblasts in some respects. Evidence of tissue culture. The interaction of macrophages and fibroblasts between the silica-induced fibrosis key.

Silicon dioxide+ works on the concept that all matter (physical, chemical, biological/organic) vibrates at a specific frequency. When added to feed, the supplement acts like a catalyst by imparting its electromagnetic information on all forms of matter to normalize the vibrations, restoring homeostasis (digestion, absorption, assimilation, metabolism) to their optimum, thus offering better growth and performance.

Since MCM-41 found that the mesoporous materials in catalysis, adsorption, separation, biological and chemical sensing applications in areas such as scientific research has been a hot spot. Mesoporous silicon dioxide nanomaterials (MSNs) due to their nanoscale, not only has a unique advantage in the properties of conventional mesoporous materials, but also in applications of nanotechnology include exhibits on biomedical and bioengineering great potential applications.

In addition, silicon dioxide+ increases dissolved oxygen in water and therefore helps reduce ammonia in litter and manure.



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