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Colloidal silicon dioxide and silica is not the same: Both are mainly silicon dioxide, but because of its production process, have significantly different physical properties such as specific surface area, fluidity, etc.

Medical effect of colloidal silicon dioxide: High dispersion of fumed silica as an ultrafine particle size of inorganic fine chemicals, used widely. In addition to the traditional areas of application of high-temperature silicone rubber, adhesives and sealants, plastics, paints, etc., play excellent reinforcing, thickening, thixotropic, anti-sagging effect, but can also be applied to the medical field, for the removal of the organism produce toxic substances, and the resulting waste derived from the body, play anti-inflammatory, to the swelling, lower blood lipids, anti-viral effects. 

“No ordinary silicon dioxide is capable of delivering this effect,” says Dr. Raj Kasula, Veterinarian and Business Development Director, “We use a high purity grade natural silicon dioxide from the quartz family, and inform it with a specific low frequency electromagnetic energy. This energy or information is capable of exciting the water molecules in the intestine thus enhancing the rate of all kinds of biochemical reactions.”

Microscopically speaking, fumed silicon dioxide is a three-dimensional structure consisting of tetrahedral silicon-oxygen bond formed, the formation of primary particles is between 7 ~ 40nm, having a large surface area, the presence of large amounts of free surface and the association of a hydroxyl group, and some of the atoms in a non-saturated, causing the fumed silica can adsorb water and other polar substances and microorganisms. Physical and chemical properties of fumed silica surface determines the biological activity and mechanism of microbial interactions.



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