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Colloidal silicon dioxide refers to a preparation prepared by vapor-phase electrolysis of silica, silica prepared by the method of small bulk density, particle size in nanometers, also known as silica powder, domestic brands are common Degussa. A new study, published in Poultry Science journal, showed that adding Silica+ to feed significantly improves animal growth performance and litter quality.

Aerosill 200. silicon dioxide refers precipitation water Preparation of pharmaceutical grade silica.

Water precipitation:

Silicon dioxide prepared by bulk density, particle size coarse silica prepared by multi-domestic water sedimentation method, well-known international brands are Grace Syloid 244FP.

The domestic silica means a larger particle size silica, colloidal silica refers to silica powder, dispersed silica stronger than ordinary lines about 4 times.

It has been concluded by a team of researchers at the University of Guelph that the inclusion of 200 ppm of Silica+ supplement in feed significantly improved weight gain and FCR in turkey production, offering potential economic benefits to turkey producers. Moreover, a significant reduction of pH was observed in the litter of the silicon dioxide+ group, thus contributing to better quality of litter and a reduction of nitrogen loss.



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