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The high chemical purity and inertness of colloidal silicon dioxide makes it a versatile pharmaceutical excipient. Evonik Industries offers the material in different forms, each product form being specially adapted to a number of modes of actions:

The adhesion of colloidal silicon dioxide aggregates to pharmaceutical host powders, enhancing their powder flowability (glidant application)

The absorption of substances, e.g. liquid active pharmaceutical ingredients or water (carrier application)

The formation of gels in liquids through formation of a threedimensional network of colloidal silicon dioxide aggregates (rheology control)

Each of these mechanisms may be used to achieve different effects depending on the dosage form.

Colloidal silicon dioxide helps to improve the flow of powders by acting to counteract these different mechanisms. Van-der-Waals forces and electrostatic attraction decrease with increasing distance between the particles. Small aggregates adhere to the surface of the larger powder particles, thereby increasing the distance, and reducing the attractive forces between them. The hydrophilic nature of colloidal silicon dioxide allows it to attract and preferentially bind moisture, helping to eliminate liquid bridges between solid particles that hinder powder flow. In addition, aggregates of colloidal silicon dioxide also fill in voids and irregularities on the particle surface, decreasing entanglement between the larger particles.

Because of their unique optical properties, ordered colloidal crystals are widely used in microelectronics, optoelectronics and materials science engineering. There are many methods for preparing colloidal crystals. Use fluorescence test bench to study nano silicon dioxide(SiO2) thickness varies liquid colloid rotation, and calculate the pressure distribution of the liquid.



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