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Sodium silicate (Na2SiO3) as the silicon source, using gel method under atmospheric to prepared silicon dioxide(SiO2) aerogels, dilute H28O4 as catalyst. The effect of the reaction process H2SO4 concentration, pH, Na2SiO3 / mass ratio of ethanol gel temperature and other process parameters on the structure and thermal conductivity of the resultant aerogels, has been optimized reaction conditions: sulfuric acid concentration 1.5mol / L, pH to 9, Na2SiO3 / ethanol mass ratio of 1: 6, the gelling temperature of 50 ℃, aged for 24 hours after TMCS modification, silicon dioxide(SiO2) aerogels prepared aperture, bulk density and thermal conductivity are 25nm, 0.046 g / cm3 and 0.0198W / (m · k). SEM and TEM show SiO2 aerogels skeleton of a three-dimensional honeycomb network, during which there are a lot of holes, a porosity of 94%. 

The silicon dioxide aerogel is directly filled in between the double sunscreen breathable fabric made of ultra-thin insulation material having a sandwich structure, the outside of the material by the infrared radiation measured 40 min after the temperature difference between the inside of the sandwich is not relatively blank about 13 ℃ lower , thermal insulation effect is obvious, there is a certain value in the insole, sleeping mats or sleeping bags and other aspects of the inner core, but the powder is easy to overflow along the cloth fiber and needle front clearance.

Colloidal silicon dioxide has been used as a pharmaceutical excipient since the early days of direct compression tabletting. In its traditional role as a glidant, colloidal silicon dioxide helps to obtain the optimal powder flow required by today’s high speed tablet presses. 

But colloidal silicon dioxide are more than just glidants for direct compression processes. It can help the pharmaceutical industry with today’s challenges such as:

(1)incorporating liquid or hard to crystallize active pharmaceutical ingredients into a solid dosage form

(e.g. natural active oils)

(2)improving the dissolution of low solubility active pharmaceutical

ingredients (BCS class II drugs).

helping to run granulation processes much more

(3)efficiently and economically.



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