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Silicon dioxide aerogels can be synthesized using low cost precursors at ambient pressure which makes aerogels suitable for commercialization. Aerogels transmit heat only one hundredth as well as normal density glass. The first residential use of aerogels is as an insulator in the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Solar Decathlon House, where it is used as an insulator in the semitransparent roof. Aerogels are a more efficient, low-density form of insulation than the polyurethane foam currently used to insulate refrigerators, refrigerated vehicles, and containers.

An aerogel blanket is a composite of silicon dioxide aerogel and fibrous reinforcement that turns the brittle aerogel into a durable and flexible material. The mechanical and thermal properties of the product may be varied based upon the choice of reinforcing fibers, the aerogel matrix, and pacification additives included in the composite.

For the first time with high volume fraction of ceramic fiber reinforced nanoporous airgel, and titanium in the country for the first time introduced in the form of titanium dioxide sol infrared opacifiers, prepared invention nanoporous silicon dioxide airgel insulation and efficient composites internationally. Material comprehensive performance in the leading domestic level, high-temperature thermal conductivity, mechanical performance indicators have reached the international advanced level. Unlike traditional insulation materials micron pore structure, nanoporous airgel composite material structure (50nm), due to the nano-size effect with super insulation properties (thermal conductivity 0.018W / m.K).



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