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A study by Wang et al. on silicon dioxide nanoparticle aerogel thin films showed that their electrical resistance markedly decreases with increasing humidity. They are highly sensitive to 40% RH and greater and operate with a 3.3% hysteresis, which is attributed to their pore structure. Xerogels of the same material, on the other hand, show very low sensitivity. Surface modified aerogels are less affected by humidity as compared to hydrophilic aerogels and can be used as anticorrosive, hydrophobic agents.

The high porosity and very large surface area of silicon dioxide aerogels can also be utilized for applications as gas filters, absorbing media for desiccation and waste containment, encapsulation media, and hydrogen fuel storage. Partially sintered aerogels can resist the tensions of a gas/liquid interface because their texture is strengthened during sintering. They can therefore be used for the storage, thickening, or transport of liquids, for example, rocket fuels. In the latter case, the low weight of aerogels is particularly advantageous. Aerogel can be used in drug delivery systems due to their biocompatibility.

Preparation of silicon dioxide aerogel belongs to the field of chemistry, specifically, the present invention relates to a method for preparing silicon dioxide aerogel. The present invention provides a low cost and simple reaction conditions, high yield method for preparing a silicon dioxide aerogel. silicon dioxide aerogel preparation process of the present invention is characterized in that: the orthosilicon dioxidete ethyl acetate, ethanol and water 1: 1 mixing ratio, first using a mixture of hydrochloric acid and this was adjusted to acidic conditions, the 40- at reflux for 80 ℃ sufficiently hydrolyzed with aqueous ammonia and then the PH value is adjusted to 8-10 under alkaline conditions, and then transferred into a uniform mixture in a sealed container, to form an alcohol sol gel at room temperature in the vessel the time required for the tilt angle is not flowing as gel time; after obtaining alcohol gel, the alcohol gel with ethanol at 60-80 ℃ soaking liquor orthosilicon dioxidete ethyl acetate ethanol solution and then soaked in a certain composition, aging 36-48h, then soaked with ethanol at 40-45 ℃ 48-64h, and finally dried at 50-100 ℃, can be obtained aerogel.



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