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More recently, several groups around the world began working in the field of silicon dioxide aerogels for the various applications mentioned above. Strictly speaking, to understand silicon dioxide aerogels, it is necessary to first understand sol-gel chemistry and related physicochemical aspects. In the following, we shall discuss sol-gel chemistry, synthetic strategy of silicon dioxide aerogels, and some recent developments in applications of aerogels.

To avoid this drying stress, Kistler described the first synthesis of an aerogel by supercritical drying in the early 1930s, and various and various aerogel synthesis processes have been reported since. In the 1970s, silicon dioxide aerogels were synthesized by high temperature supercritical drying of a wet gel produced by the hydrolysis of TMOS in methanol. 

Nano-silicon dioxide aerogels was not new, as early as in the aviation sector abroad since the 1930s have applied, but the cost is high. Domestic nano-silicon dioxide aerogels technology previously subject to technical and technological, could not mass production. Silicon dioxide aerogels insulation board industry and large-scale production. Current domestic airgel has just started, the annual output of hundreds of tons, priced at 400,000 to 700,000 yuan / ton, the import price of $ 150,000 / ton. The use of new technology, raw material cost is only 10% to 15% of the foreign prices, it is cost-effective.



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