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Aerogels have highly light transmittance and low thermal conductivity of the incident light is almost no reflection loss, efficiently through sunlight, airgel can effectively prevent heat loss. Therefore silicon dioxide aerogels is particularly suitable for use as insulation material solar collectors and other heat collecting apparatus. The airgel insulation material used in water heaters, storage tanks, pipes and collectors, than existing solar water heater collector efficiency by 1 times.

The rapid development of sol-gel techniques during the past two decades has led to fast progress in the deliberate synthesis of porous materials. These techniques complement conventional procedures used for the preparation of amorphous solids or glasses, such as precipitation or impregnation methods followed by high-temperature treatments. Porous materials are of immense importance in various applications such as adsorption, sensing, and catalysis, owing to their high surface area, porosity, adjustable framework, and surface properties. Silicon dioxide aerogels are quite popular.

Out of all known solid porous materials, aerogels are particularly known for their small pore size, large specific surface area, and best optical transmission. Further, among all aerogels, silicon dioxide aerogels have become quite popular because they possess a wide variety of exceptional properties such as low thermal conductivity (~0.01W/m.K), high porosity (~99%), high optical transmission (99%) in the visible region, high specific surface area (1000m2/g), low dielectric constant (~1.0–2.0), low refractive index (~1.05), and low sound velocity (100?m/s).



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