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(1) Industrial sectors: petroleum, chemical and metallurgical industries, pipelines, furnaces and other thermal equipment common alternative to conventional insulation materials and silicon dioxide aerogels composites to keep them warm, it can greatly reduce heat losses and improve thermal efficiency. It can also be used as liquid natural gas tanks and storage tanks, etc. as well as automobiles, aircraft and other insulation materials and engine exhaust pipe.

(2) Civilian areas: very low thermal conductivity of doped silicon dioxide aerogels can be used as refrigerator insulation materials, can also be used in building construction insulation, sound insulation materials. More commonly used building insulation materials, polystyrene, polyurethane and other polymer foam materials, thicker material size, stability to the construction and later brought a lot of problems, and polymer insulation materials flammable, easily lead to fires. silicon dioxide aerogels high temperature, generally at 800 ℃, the structure, no significant changes in performance, is a safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly super thermal insulation material.

Aerogel is also into our daily lives, so does silicon dioxide. Sports equipment company Dunlop (Dunlop) has developed a series of reinforced aerogels squash and tennis rackets, racket said to be able to release more power.

Climbers have begun to benefit from the aerogels. In 2000, the British climber Anne Parman Patel aerogels insoles to wear boots with a climb up Mount Everest, and even sleeping bags also added this material. She said: "My only problem is that my feet too hot, which is a climber is a big problem."



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