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Silicon dioxide aerogel material has a very low thermal conductivity can be achieved 0.013-0.016W / (m · K), is less than static air (0.024W / (m · K)) in thermal conductivity than the corresponding inorganic insulating material 2-3 orders of magnitude lower. Even at a high temperature of 800 ℃ thermal conductivity is only 0.043W / (m · K). It does not decompose at high temperatures, no harmful gases released, are environment-friendly materials. After silicon dioxide aerogel with a variety of heat-resistant fiber composite can be made into various forms of insulation materials. It can be widely used in industry, construction, plumbing, automotive, aerospace and other fields.

2. Sound insulation

Since the low sound velocity characteristics of silicon dioxide aerogel, it is an ideal acoustic delay or high temperature insulation materials. Acoustic impedance of the material is larger variable range (103-107 kg / m2 · s), the acoustic impedance matching material an ideal ultrasound probe.

Preliminary results show that the density of 300 kg silicon dioxide/ m3 for about aerogels as the coupling material make sound intensity raise 30 dB, if silicon dioxide aerogel has a density gradient, is expected to be higher sound intensity gain.

3. Nonlinear Optical Properties

Due to the quantum dot structure is formed within the silicon dioxide aerogel nano network, a chemical vapor infiltration method Si-doped and doped solution method of C60 results showed that the dopant in the form of nanocrystals presence and observation to a strong visible emission, provides strong evidence for the quantum confinement effect luminescent porous silicon. C60 structure and the nonlinear optical effect of silicon dioxide aerogel, can further the development of new laser safety goggles.



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