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Seventies of last century, with the support of the Government of France, Stanislaus Teichner looking porous material for storing oxygen and rocket fuel in the process to find a new synthesis method, namely the sol - gel chemistry method for the preparation of silicon dioxide aerogels. This approach promotes the development of airgel science. Since then, aerogels science and technology has been rapid development. 

1983 Arlon Hunt found available safer, cheaper in Berkeley Lab silicon dioxide airgel production methods. At the same time, the microstructure of materials research team found that carbon dioxide supercritical fluid can be used with a lower critical temperature and critical pressure replace ethanol as supercritical drying fluid, such that supercritical drying technology to the practical stage forward.

Synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide (SAS) may be produced by a thermal route yielding pyrogenic silicon dioxide or by a wet route yielding either precipitated silica or silica gel. The information provided below refers only to SAS and does not include crystalline or other amorphous silicas. Thermal Route: Pyrogenic silica, also known as fumed silica in English speaking countries, is produced by the vapor-phase hydrolysis of chlorosilanes in an oxygedhydrogen flame at temperatures of

approximately 1 OOOC. The relatively high temperature yields a SAS powder that has low water content and is amorphous. Wet Route: Precipitated silica and silicon dioxide gel (also known as silicon dioxide aerogel are produced by controlled polymerization and precipitation of SAS from a solution of sodium silicate. SAS powders produced from the wet route contain large amounts of bound water. They also have an amorphous structure. 



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