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Silicon dioxide gel (aerogel) consists of 97% silicon dioxide and 3% water and is very chemically similar to other silicon products, Fumed silica has been cleared by the Food & Drug Administration. Synthetic amorphous silica is prepared by a high temperature combustion process which creates silicon dioxide molecules which condense to form particles or can be prepared by a wet route. It differs from natural silicon dioxide in that the synthetic amorphous silica does not have the crystalline lattice structure that natural silicon dioxide possesses. It is comprised of small silicon dioxide particles. It has increased flowability and thickening characteristics compared to natural silicon dioxide. It is also a very high purity silicon dioxide (>99.8%). Pyrogenic silica is a fluffy form of silica that is of higher purity than are silicas precipitated from water. Precipitated silicon dioxide is a particulate silicon dioxide composed of aggregates (or secondary particles) of primary particles of colloidalsize silicon dioxide that have not become linked as a massive gel network during the preparation process. Silica sol is colloidal silica, usually in water.

Silicon dioxide aerogel has the nano porous network structure, porosity up to 80% -99.8%, is by far the best performance of thermal insulation materials, aerospace, petrochemical, power metallurgy, building energy-saving, precision instruments and other fields have broad application. Aerogels are solid, but 99% are constituted by the gas, the appearance looks like clouds. Aerogel its translucent color and ultralight weight, sometimes also called "solid smoke" or "frozen smoke."

As early as 1931, Steven.S.Kistler began to study aerogels. His method was originally used with acidic aqueous sodium silicate solution was concentrated, with supercritical water and then dissolved silicon dioxide pores with ethanol exchange water, supercritical fluid drying gas initially made in the true sense of gel. Characteristics of this material is transparent, low density, high porosity. However, limited by means of scientific research at that time, the development of this material did not pay attention to the scientific community.



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