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Silicon dioxide and silicates have a long history of use in food without detrimental effects. They have been reviewed by two scientific groups. The U.S. EPA has also reassessed silicon dioxide for food safety. 

The 1979 report by the Select Committee on GRAS Substances (SCOGS) concluded that there is no scientific evidence that there is any available information on aluminum calcium silicate, calcium silicate, magnesium silicate, potassium silicate, sodium silicate, sodium aluminosilicate, sodium calcium aluminosilicate, tricalcium silicate, silicon dioxide aerogel and talc that demonstrates or suggests reasonable grounds to suspect a hazard to the public when they are used at levels that are now current or might reasonably be expected in the future. 

Here we have the study about the use of silicon dioxide powder prepared without the application of amorphous silica, silica powder is reducing the mineral hot furnace of high-purity quartz, coke and wood by-products generated in the production process when the silicon alloy. Currently, concrete admixtures and microsilica as refractory castable can realize some applications, but the amount is limited. Diatomaceous earth can also be prepared with ultrafine silica powder and nano-silicon dioxide, diatomaceous earth is a biogenic siliceous sedimentary rocks. Its mineral composition is mainly opal and its variants, belonging to the amorphous silica.

In 2005, a comprehensive review of the safety data base for amorphous silicon dioxide and silicates was conducted by industry and government scientists pursuant to OECD’s Screening Information Data Sets or SIDS) program. The OECD document confirms the opinion of the SCOGS group regarding the safety of the silicates and provides further support that silicon dioxide is GRAS when added either directly or indirectly to food. Both documents include an extensive list of references of the scientific studies used in support of the safety determinations for the chemical. 



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