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The chemical and physical characteristics of the different types of amorphous silicon dioxide contribute to the versatility of these compounds in a variety of commercial applications. Traditionally, silicas have had a broad spectra of product usage including such areas as viscosity control agents in inks, paints, corrosion-resistant coatings, etc. and as excipients in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. In the food industry, silicon dioxide as an anticaking agent in powdered mixes, seasonings, and coffee whiteners. 

However, amorphous silicon dioxide has multifunctional properties, those properties would allow it to act as a emulsion stabilizer, viscosity control agent, suspension and dispersion agent, desiccant, and etc. The utilization of silicas in these potential applications has not been undertaken, partially because of the limited knowledge of their physiochemical interactions with other food components and partially due to their controversial status from a toxicological point of view. The main goal of this review is to compile current information on the incorporation of amorphous silicon dioxide as a highly functional and viable additive in the food processing industry as well as to discuss the most recent toxicological investigations of silicon dioxide in an attempt to present some of the potential food applications and their concomitant toxicological implications. Some of the more significant differences between various silicas and their surface chemistries are presented to elucidate some of their mechanisms of interaction with food components and other biological systems and to aid in the prediction of their rheological or toxicological behavior.

Solid amorphous silicon dioxide on the silicon surface of the zeolite phase inversion: amorphous silica silicalite (Silicalite-1) and the crystal structure of the same ZSM-5, because of the unique adsorption characteristics hydrophobic / organophilic as a novel zeolite adsorbent has a wide range of applications.



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