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Silicon dioxide gel has many harmful effects, especially containing cobalt chloride product form. silicon dioxide gel for humans, animals and the environment has potential hazard. So before using and dealing with silicon dioxide gel products should consider the risks associated with them.


Some types of silicon dioxide gel has been confirmed in the test environment will lead to cancer, containing cobalt chloride silicone most harmful. Cobalt chloride is a kind of is often added to the standard silicone chemicals shown in water or humidity. Cobalt in silicon dioxide gel, active ingredients will keep the blue, it is easier to evaluate water saturation. Although household products usually do not contain cobalt chloride, but it is widely used in parks and other public facilities. But should know is that the silicon dioxide gel itself does not cause cancer.


Intake of silicone can lead to dehydration and discomfort, because the main function of this product is to absorb moisture, but only under the condition of intake can lead to problems. When swallowed, the performance of most people is to cause oral cavity and throat irritation. If the amount of intake is bigger, also can cause nausea. However, if the silicon dioxide gel contains no cobalt chloride, virtually no toxicity to human body.

Stimulate an eye

Eye contact silicone can cause irritation and redness. Possibly because the silicone is trying to absorb moisture on the surface of the eyes and trigger pain. Wear goggles to reduce this risk. But when that happens, immediately rinse eyes at least 15 minutes to thoroughly remove silicon dioxide gel.

Respiratory effects

Inhalation of silicon dioxide gel is very dangerous, and need to medical intervention. silicon dioxide gel products is usually written warning labels on respiratory tract risk, rather than poisoning. Children could try eating silicone inhaled particles and cause serious lung, cough and shortness of breath. Over and over again for a long time exposure to silicon dioxide powder will also develop silicosis, can cause permanent damage to the lungs.

Skin allergy

Contact with silicon dioxide gel can cause skin irritation and redness, contact for a long time also can make the skin becomes dry and wear. So in the operation of the silicone should wear protective gloves to avoid direct contact with the skin.

Environmental hazards

Silicon dioxide gel has certain harm to the environment, especially aquatic animals and water resources. Silicone containing cobalt chloride particularly big to the harm of water, and therefore should be careful processing waste in order to avoid they are bad for the environment.



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