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Liquid silicon dioxide also called silica extracts, including joint pain can be effectively treated, kidney disease and cardiovascular disease, a variety of diseases. In addition, silica for external use can also give the hair shine and protection. The user should keep in mind that the liquid silicon dioxide need to use for a long time to get the best effect, need a few weeks or even months time.

Interested in promoting joint health will find liquid silicon dioxide gel has good therapeutic effect. Silica containing some nutrients, particularly beneficial to bone and rheumatoid arthritis. Through the use, can increase activity in patients with ability. But patients to understand, need to use a few weeks or months to get arthritis symptoms disappear.

Another liquid silicon dioxide are the benefits of kidney disease treatment. Although silica can not prevent the disease development, to ease the pain associated with kidney stones. In addition, consumer often silica has been shown to help maintain a healthy urinary tract. Bladder infection in patients with this kind of product can be incorporated into the daily diet.

Has been found that silicon dioxide also is good for treatment of cardiovascular disease. Maintain quality of blood vessels are very important to maintain normal blood and oxygen transfer. In addition, silica can effectively reduce blood coagulation ability, therefore can significantly reduce the risk to develop blood clots. Also, people with the disease or high this product can be included in the diet.

Liquid silicon dioxide is often used in beauty products to promote the hair. The study found that silica can effectively maintain hair luster, and have to withstand the effect of heat source blower thereof. A lot of shampoo and other beauty products contain silica component. In addition, the oral liquid silicon dioxide also help promote hair texture.



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