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Silicon dioxide gel desiccant is a kind of absorbent material, is often used to prevent product damage because of the excessive moisture. Silicon Dioxide is the elementary element of the Silicon Dioxide gel desiccant, but also contains some type can change color according to the amount absorb water and chemicals. Silicon dioxide gel is generally installed in a small bag, but sometimes also application in bulk form.

In the first world war, American scientists "Walter a. Patric" first invented the silicon dioxide gel and registered the patent. He will be used for gas masks to capture dangerous gases. This is primarily Silicon Dioxide has the property of absorb the moisture in the environment. This characteristic of hope in the dry store item is useful in the air.

Silicon dioxide gel desiccant is usually particles or the bead shape. These particles can be in the bag made of breathable material. Use depends on what size bag to dry air volume, and its producers tend to seal in a plastic bag and outer moisture. Silicon dioxide absorbent desiccant effect is much better than made from clay.

Some silicon dioxide gel desiccant to indicate features, is a kind of chemicals can display humidity changes. Gel particles will be based on how much moisture content into different colors. Some indicative chemicals in Silicon Dioxide is orange when dry, then turn green after be affected with damp be affected with damp. The other types are from orange to white. If it is blue Silicon Dioxide, after saturated becomes pink.

The benefits of the silicon dioxide gel desiccant is bulk grain also can be used again. The moisture content in the oven or microwave heating can release of Silicon Dioxide. After Silicon Dioxide drying, it can be used again as before. Contains the indicator of desiccant can change back to the original color.

Most of the silicon dioxide gel after intake of no harm. But blue Silicon Dioxide is used, cobalt chloride, is a kind of toxic chemicals. Any product may be damaged due to be affected with damp be affected with damp, from shoes to electronics, etc., so they are usually contain Silicon Dioxide gel desiccant bags. In addition, the seed anticorrosion coatings drying process may also be involved in Silicon Dioxide gel desiccant.



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