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Silicon dioxide often alone or mixed with other ingredients produced using a variety of products. This mineral water-absorbing and thickening properties. These features make the Silicon dioxide in building materials, beauty products and food industries have wide applications.

Silicon dioxide is one of the most common minerals on earth. It is part of the sand and quartz. Manufacturers will natural Silicon dioxide powder or granule. Some factories also produce artificial Silicon dioxide, but they all come from Silicon dioxide sand. Natural or synthetic Silicon dioxide in non-food products are common.

Micro algae is reserve scale of single-celled fat, also contain silicon dioxide. They exist in salt and fresh water in the bottom. This kind of Silicon dioxide is also called the amorphous Silicon dioxide, often used after be ground into fine particles or powder. Diatomite silicon dioxide can be used for food or other products.

Quartz powder or glass powder is heated silicon dioxide sand to extreme temperatures and melting. After craftsmen shaping and cooling, these substances will turn into a glass. Paint, plastic, PVC glue and corrosion resistant coatings contain Silicon dioxide powder. In these products, is the purpose of the Silicon dioxide thickening agent and curing agent.

Some cleaners and detergents containing silicon dioxide. This kind of granular minerals can be used for friction surfaces. Silicon dioxide detergent can be used to wash clothes, dishes, or as a detergent composition. Some toothpaste will diatomite as friction components.

Silicon dioxide cosmetics containing silky translucent powder, can absorb the skin oils. This mineral is low allergen, and reduce wrinkles is thought by some people. And consumers to purchase Silicon dioxide and added to the lawn or help to keep moisture in soil, and even lower than pests. But should know, inhaling the powder has led to serious lung infections or may cause cancer.

Due to absorption is close to 50% of its weight in water, so the silicon dioxide have practical applications in food and pharmaceutical industries. Diatom stone formation of silicon dioxide is often used in coffee mate, powdery food and condiment an anti-caking agent. Common in medicine or health products moistureproof Silicon dioxide gel bags are usually contain Silicon dioxide content.



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