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Both rock crystal and glass's main ingredient is silicon dioxide. What' the difference between rock crystal and glass?

Many bowls, plates, bottles and containers are made of glass or crystal. But you know the difference between these two materials do? Overall, the glass is use silicon dioxide, soda and lime to heated to 982 degrees Celsius temperature, then poured into a mold or blow molded. Glass workers would add chemicals to enhance the color and quality of the product during heating. Additional lead oxide can produce leaded glass, also known as crystal. Other crystal glass is determined and the difference method further comprises cutting, sharpness, shape, and weight.

The main ingredient of glass is silicon dioxide. Assess the sharpness of objects. Crystal is completely transparent, and sometimes white. But the glass is green, gray or yellow tone.

Check the size, particularly the width of the edge. Wherein a difference between glass and crystal method is capable worker blown crystal glass is thinner than that.

Observation of the cutting object. Fine grain is seamless, precisely cut and polished. Glassmaking seams, and more easily broken, there is no precise cutting or polishing the same. With a finger across the side, if you feel sharp, glass is, or is Crystal.

Compare the weight of the same size of the object. Shen than crystal glass, since it contains 40% of lead, which is a large molecular weight of the dense metal.

The glass and crystal objects get testimony light contrast. Crystal glass refractive index and high dispersion ratio, means that any light will be bent and separated by the object. If the object reflection spectrum is crystal.

Tap the edge of the object is determined according to the generated sound is glass or crystal. The difference is crystal can produce loud ringing, but no glass.

The main ingredient of rock crystal is also silicon dioxide. Sometimes, manufacturers can rely on the bottom of the product identification mark or crystal glass. For example, the Royal Doulton pottery products have a serial number, and you can see the crystal clear identity.

Lead crystal glass harmful to health, because lead can penetrate into the storage container with something. Therefore, you should avoid contact with lead crystal drinking glass of liquid a few hours. Also, care should lead pigment for decorative glassware edges.



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