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Although different brands of cosmetics formulations vary, but the basic components of eye shadow is usually unchanged. Most eye shadow is composed of talc or mica and other basic filler. Then add silicon dioxide, zinc and magnesium adhesive eyeshadow better adhesion to the skin. Also suitably mixed mica pigments to achieve the desired appearance. Finally, we need to add preservatives such as ethylene glycol or tocopherol help maintain eye shadow ingredients, preventing degradation.

The first step in the production of eye shadow is generated matrix. Filler material is the main component of most substrates, in addition to providing a volume outside, but also allows better mixing other ingredients. Cosmetic grade talc and mica are the most common choice, but sometimes also uses kaolin. If the cream base, waxes and oils are usually added to the other filler. Common ingredients include beeswax cream base, silicone, shea butter, jojoba oil and castor oil.

Silicon dioxide is not new for us. After generating the matrix, we need to add a binder. Better make it the binder used in eye shadow ingredients adhere to the skin, and may also provide a layer of durable cover film. Zinc and magnesium derivatives are the most common choice. If you want to increase the durability, it is recommended to use a cream eye shadow, eye shadow because of wax and oil helps to better adhere to the skin.

But we don't know that eye shadow contains silicon dioxide. Make eye shadow color, you need to add pigment. The most common way to integrate color cosmetics mixed mica pigments in the formulation. Mica pigments have different colors and can be mixed with each other to produce multiple effects. For example, blue and green mica pigments can be mixed to produce green tone. In ancient times, people often produce compelling pigment with broken stones.

Other ingredients bismuth oxychloride, silicon dioxide, boron nitride and the like dimethicone is also sometimes added to the powder eye shadow to help them maintain lubrication of the upper eyelid, but these are optional ingredients. 

Most formulations also contain glycol or tocopherol, and a preservative to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. It should be noted that there are media reports specific cosmetic ingredients may give skin damaging. These controversial ingredients include talc, bismuth oxychloride and polydimethylsiloxane and the like.



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