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You can find the organic shampoo minerals including silicon dioxide, silicon dioxide oral health care products and silicone, and many other products. These products claim to improve hair gloss, nail strength, joint flexibility and skin health. In the medical field, silicone is considered by strong bones to avoid fractures caused by osteoporosis, and also promote digestion and prevent hair loss and prevent senile dementia effect. However, there is not much evidence to substantiate the efficacy of these, so more research is needed to confirm. With a certain amount of food intake of silicon is safe, but the level of security of health care products not yet determined criteria.

Silicon is one kind of minerals can be found in the human body and nature. You can find it in the person's hair, nails, bones and connective tissue. Silicon is also found in green leafy vegetables, potatoes, soybeans, sugar beets, millet, whole wheat, brown rice and oats and other natural substances. In addition, meat and other processed foods also contain silicon, but in limited quantities. Silicon is present in the earth's crust and can be found in water-soluble form and get the sand. Silicone is easily ingested by animals and humans, and also contains carbon. The body contains silicon dioxide.

Supporters say the silicone treatment of constipation and digestive problems to help, and sometimes is proposed for the relief of symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Others say silicon has a refreshing effect. Silicon can help the body absorb calcium, magnesium and potassium and other essential minerals, and is a component of the drug treatment of wounds and sprains.

Silicon health care products, there are some drawbacks. For example, long-term use of antacids containing silicon dioxide may develop into kidney stones. In fact, a balanced diet and take a multivitamin people do not need to add extra silicon care products. Experts say fear develop into osteoporosis women can safely take calcium health care products, but there are similar concerns men can add some extra calcium in addition to dietary sources. In addition, it has been suffering from osteoporosis silicon woman taking care products is not good.



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