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The most common dentifrice ingredients include fluoride, sodium bicarbonate, sodium laurate, hydrogen peroxide, hydrated silicon dioxide, and additional thickening agents and preservatives. Each component has a fundamental role, together give a comprehensive oral health to provide the best protection. In addition to the basic ingredients of baking soda, not all formulations, it exists in almost all the other ingredients in toothpaste. Probably the most common and most controversial components of toothpaste is fluoride. Study confirms fluoride can help prevent tooth decay and dental caries, it is important to resist early damage. It does this by maintaining proper oral pH to ensure healthy tooth enamel. Acid is usually produced by bacteria in the metabolic process.

On the other hand, there are some reports that the use of fluoride harm than good. Some people claim that fluoride can cause liver, kidney, thyroid and brain damage. However, these claims have not been fully confirmed.

Baking soda is one of the most common toothpaste ingredient. It is used as a surfactant to help rub off the plaque and tartar buildup. No studies have confirmed that baking soda prevent gum disease or tooth decay effect, but some people prefer the taste and feel of baking soda toothpaste, and brush your teeth after every meal also. Because deodorizing effect, baking soda can help prevent bad breath.

Hydrated silicon dioxide is a kind of silicon dioxide-rich minerals as a main component of non-metallic minerals.

Sodium laurate is another of the most common toothpaste ingredient. This is mainly used for the surfactant component, because it has the effect of removing dirt and tartar. Some people claim that it is carcinogenic, but no studies have confirmed this view.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most powerful of the toothpaste composition, because it not only kills bacteria, as well as teeth whitening effect. Bottled hydrogen peroxide, commonly used in mouthwash, because it can effectively kill cause bad breath and tooth decay bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide added to toothpaste, not only to destroy bacteria and whiten teeth, and fresh breath effect.

Hydrated silicon dioxide in toothpaste is to provide texture. Additionally, they add preservatives, thickeners and flavoring agents. Different brands of components are slightly different, but the main ingredient little change.



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