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Silicon dioxide is a mineral helps hair growth. The existence of such nutrients the body itself, but you can get more silica promotes hair growth by certain foods and other forms.

Silicon dioxide is one part of the body of nutrients. It can be found in connective tissue, muscles, bones, nails and hair. Silica helps to strengthen hair and prevent split ends and brittle.

Silicon dioxide role:

This mineral helps maintain the hair moisture, making hair shinier. In short, this material has strengthened the role of the hair and reduce hair loss. But to be clear, silica does not improve hair overnight, typically takes 2-3 months to supplement this nutrient it can be seen only after a significant effect. But regular intake of silicon dioxide in maintaining healthy hair is certainly valid.

This mineral can be found in raw oysters, wheat, whole grains, rice, alfalfa, barley, onions, millet, beet root and green leafy vegetables. In addition to eating these foods, you can also obtain a silicon dioxide improve the quality through nutritional supplements.



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