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In addition to its use in food, there are also manufacturing uses for silicon dioxide. These include:

1. Electronics

Silicon dioxide has an extremely high melting point so is useful in electronics where high heat is produced. The mineral is essential for manufacturing fiber optic cables, semi-conductors, and insulation for wires.

2. Conversion of energy

Silicon dioxide has piezoelectric properties. These properties allow the mineral to convert one form of energy to another. For example, silicon dioxide allows mechanical energy to be converted to electrical energy. This conversion of energy enables television and radio stations to transmit signals.

3. Glass

Silica is one of the primary components of glass. Mixed with soda and boron oxide, silicon dioxide creates glass that is highly heat resistant. Thus, in addition to other glass products, silicon dioxide is critical in the creation of heat resistant cooking utensils.

4. Cement

Silicon dioxide is critical in the production of cement. Cement is added to other ingredients to make concrete -- the building block of much of the world's infrastructure.

5. Refractory materials

Finally, silicon dioxide is critical for production of refractory materials. These materials used in building and other areas are highly shock resistant. Silicon dioxide's natural mineral called quartz. Refractories, clayey siliceous and silicon dioxide refractories more inclusive. Acidic silicon dioxide at high temperatures, acid-resistant refractories can slag corrosion. Production of raw materials is a natural clay brick refractory clay, the main mineral kaolinite (formula Al2O3 · 2SiO2 · 2H2O), clay brick containing SiO2 between 45% to 65%, are weakly acidic refractories, acidic slag there is a certain resistance, but easily eroded basic slag. Low aluminum refractory clay refers alumina content between 10% ~30%, silicon dioxide(SiO2) content of less than 85%, half brick SiO2≥65%, SiO2 content is not less than 93%, the main raw material of natural quartzite refractory material called silicon dioxide, silicon dioxide brick mainly, special silica brick, glass and quartz products. Our literature is generally regarded such products as "siliceous refractory products", of which the most important is the brick.



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