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Silicon dioxide is a trace mineral found naturally in many plant foods and is added to many multivitamin supplements. It is necessary for healthy bones, skin, hair and nails. Silicon dioxide is often added to processed foods to keep them fresh and appetizing. You can find the important mineral in foods sources.

RDI (Recommended daily intake):

As a trace mineral, only a small amount of silicon dioxide is needed daily. Many nutritionists believe the human body requires about 5-10 mg of this mineral each day.

Since the recommended daily allowance of silicon dioxide is relatively low, it is easy to get the correct amount if you eat a well-balanced diet. Foods to include in your diet are:

1. Fruits

Not often mentioned in nutrition literature is the fact that many fruits are naturally high in silicon dioxide. The fruits highest in the mineral include raisins, grapes, oranges, apples, cherries and plums.

2. Vegetables

There are several vegetables that can provide some of the recommended daily allowance of silicon dioxide. Vegetables with silicon dioxide include artichokes, beans, peas, asparagus, beet, greens of all kinds, celery, cucumbers, lettuce, radishes and onions.

3. Nuts

In addition to the other nutrients in nuts, almonds and peanuts contain moderately high amounts of silicon dioxide.

4. Sunflower seeds

Also known for high nutritional value, roasted sunflower seeds also contain a healthy amount of silicon dioxide.

Drink silicic acid in the form of drinking water is one of the intake of silica way. Although water purification technology can extract silicon from the water , but it's not necessary to do this, because the silicon is good for health. Silicon content in water varies greatly. The study found in soft water silicon dioxide content is not high, but hard water rich in this mineral.

Beer can promote renal health. Beer is a rich source of silicon and silicic acid soluble. The study found beer elemental silicon can promote bone density and help prevent fractures. Furthermore, tea and coffee are also silicon-containing beverages.

Garlic is a good condiment, and also rich in silicon dioxide. Great ephedra to treat kidney stones and other urinary tract diseases, also containing silicon herbs. In addition, large ephedra also provide calcium and potassium. In fact, of all the herbs, the highest silica content is ephedra.



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